Trump proposes almost $1trillion in Medicare cuts

On no fewer than six (6) occasions, Donald Trump promised, either as a candidate or as president, not to cut Medicare.

Don’t believe it? Here’s video:¬†Trump repeatedly promises not to cut Medicare

Now, in his new budget proposal, Trump takes the ax to Medicare to the tune of $750 Million.

Article: Trump proposes huge cuts to Medicare

Let that soak in for a minute. Trump is actually taking money from seniors to fund his hypothetically impenetrable “wall.”

By the way, that budget itself is a whopping $4.75 Trillion, the largest in history.

Say what you want about Trump, but the fact is, he’s a liar. He’ll say anything to get people’s trust then throw them to the wolves in a heartbeat.

Elections have consequences. Thankfully, a new one is less than two years away.