Our firm is an independent insurance agency specializing in plans for seniors, or as we like to call ’em, our Boomer friends. The firm is located in Las Vegas, Nevada and has been continually in business since 1980 when our principal, CD Richard, enrolled his first Medicare supplement client (that’s a long time folks).

Besides being one of the most experienced insurance brokers in Nevada, Mr. Richard also has educational degrees not often held by insurance brokers including a law degree (JD, Texas Tech School of Law, 1996) and a Master’s of Financial and Tax Planning (MSBA, San Diego State University, 2004).

Unlike many insurance agents who may represent only one company or one plan, our agency carries EVERY PLAN available in the Las Vegas and Pahrump markets. Because we carry ALL plans, we can help you figure out which plan type may suit your needs better than others; plus, we’re there when you think there may be a reason to shift gears.

One of the things our clients like best is that our services are FREE. Absolutely no cost to you (other than any amount you may need to pay to any plan you select, of course). The plans pay us to be your broker and they all pay pretty much the same, so we’re able to help you with an open-minded approach.

We also sponsor Medicare and Muffins educational meetings around town where you can come out and learn how Medicare itself works in a very laid back, stress free environment. We never “sell” plans at those meetings and in fact we don’t even mention any of the specific plans locally. The sole purpose of the meetings is to help you get a better understanding of Medicare itself and the options available to you (in general).

If you have any questions about us or our services, feel free to get in touch using the “Contact Us” link at the top of any page. Thanks for visiting!