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We carry all Medicare plans in NV.
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Turning 65? New to Medicare?

New to Medicare?

You have questions. We have answers.

Starting Medicare can be confusing. When should you apply? What about your employer coverage? Do you have to take Part B? Do you need a supplement? What about drugs?

These and other questions are all new to you, but not to us. We’ve been helping folks with their Medicare plans for almost 40 years, and we’re independent. Just reach out to us with your questions, or join us for a free informational meeting.

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Is Original Medicare Enough?

Original Medicare covers a lot, but still leaves gaps in coverage. Learn about covering those gaps.

Medicare Supplements
Advantage Plans
Part D Drug Plans

Is Original Medicare Enough?

Original Medicare covers a lot, but still leaves gaps in coverage due to deductibles, co-insurance, and no prescription coverage.

There are 3 ways to help cover those gaps:

  1. Medicare Supplement Plans
  2. Medicare Advantage Plans
  3. Part D Drug Plans

Our agency carries ALL of these plans and provides no-fee guidance and enrollment assistance.

Medicare Health Insurance Card
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Medicare Supplements (Medigap)

Original Medicare provides the greatest choice of providers. Benefits are the same wherever you are in the country. Referrals are not required. Coverage is extensive, but you may be left with deductibles and co-insurance to pay.

Medicare Health Insurance and Medicare Supplement Insurance Card

A Medicare Supplement is an insurance policy issued by a private insurance company. It works along with Medicare by paying the balances on Medicare covered expenses.W hen you carry a Medicare Supplement policy, Original Medicare (Parts A & B) remain your primary insurance and you are able to see almost any provider who accepts original Medicare, without referrals being required.

There are several plan options including Plan F, Plan G, and Plan N. We use state-of-the-art quoting software that show you competitive rates from multiple companies.

Click below to learn more about these plans or get some FREE quotes, with no obligation.

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Medicare Advantage Plans

A Medicare Advantage plan is a Medicare plan offered by a private insurer that contracts with Medicare to provide all of your Part A and Part B benefits. Plans typically feature relatively low monthly premiums (as low as $0) and low to moderate co-pays for most services.

With these plans, Medicare no longer is your primary insurer. The plan itself becomes your Medicare plan while you are enrolled. Typically, you need to use providers from the plan’s network or you’ll end up paying more out of pocket, except for covered emergencies or urgent care.

We have hundreds of satisfied clients in these plans, but they’re not for everyone. We invite you to learn about Medicare Advantage options available to you.

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Part D Plans

Part D plans are issued by private insurance companies under contract with Medicare to provide coverage for prescription drugs. A Part D plan can be stand alone or included with a Medicare Advantage plan.

It can be confusing to select a Part D drug plan because there are many choices. Plans are subject to change annually, so it’s important to review your Part D plan options every year.

We can help you shop and compare Part D plans. There is no fee for our service.

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The Shrinking Donut Hole

Part D donut hole
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Our vast experience helps us guide you through the Medicare process. We help you understand Medicare and all plan options available. We also help you get enrolled in the plan design that best fits your needs.

Because we are a NO FEE agency, there is no risk. The plan you enroll in pays us, and you still get the lowest rate (if any) and highest benefits.

We’ve been helping folks with their Medicare plans for almost 40 years. We know what we’re doing and we know what you’re going through. Best of all, we know how to help. Click below to get started.

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