Sanders Decries Insurers

On the campaign trail in June, 2019, Bernie Sanders is giving it to the insurance companies but good.

“People don’t like insurance companies, they like their doctors and hospitals,” Sanders was quoted as saying.

On Fox News Sunday, he said Medicare is “far more popular” than private insurance.

Sanders misses the point. He overshoots the target with purpose. It’s popular to hate insurance companies, but it’s also counterproductive.

Insurance plans simply pay the bills. They are not the ones continually escalating prices.

That’s just the system. It’s a combination of many factors, but to shake your finger at insurers is to simplify the problem.

If you simplify the problem, you can never solve it.

Stop blaming insurers. They are trying to keep costs lower. This is why we have pre-authorization, and other cost-containment features not present years ago.

Is a single-payer system going to magically fix the problem? Of course not. Just look at Medicare Advantage and how much more efficient it is than regular Medicare. You get so many more benefits, like dental, vision, and gym memberships (often, but not always) and the cost you pay is nominal.

Get in step with reality Mr. Sanders. You have some good ideas, but you also can be blinded by reality.