Medicare for All is the new political hot potato

Will Medicare for All become a reality? In a nutshell, no, certainly at least not any time soon.

It’s nothing more than a repackaged attempt to do what Hillary Clinton could not do when her husband was in the White House, except now, it’s even more gregarious and way more expensive.

And yet, something needs to be done. That’s why we keep hearing about it over and over.

As a licensed insurance broker, I’m not in favor of destroying the insurance companies. They aren’t the real culprit(s) in the first place.

When the retail cost of an MRI jumps from $1450 to $1800, was that the insurance companies’ fault? Of course not. The price went up for a variety of factors, some of which may have been less than legitimate.

Nevertheless, the price went up! So the insurance company has to pay more. And where does the insurance company get the money to pay its claims? From its policyholders, so what they pay goes up.

The REAL problem in this medical economy is NOT the insurance company participation. It’s a variety of factors that legislators are too damned lazy or fearful to actually address head on so they blame the easy scapegoat, the insurance industry.

If  you’re interested to know more, here’s an informative article published in USA Today (click here). Feel free to drop us a line and let us know what you think. And if you’d really like to be challenged, let us know exactly how you would fix this whole mess.

C. Dean Richard