Congress looks to cap Part-D drug costs

If you have a Part-D drug plan, you may or may not be happy with it. If you have few to no prescription costs, you’re probably happy. If, on the other hand, you happen to be one of millions of Americans who hit the donut hole every year, you may be paying out the wazoo, especially for brand name drugs.

Since Part-D was started in 2004, there has always been a gap in coverage known as the donut hole. It does not impact everyone, but those impacted do feel a squeeze, especially on limited incomes. (Of course, what we have is better than what we had prior to 2004 which was nothing.)

Congress is now considering placing out of pocket spending caps on Part-D plans. While this is good for the consumer, it will cost $Billions to the government. (Sidenote: Isn’t it interesting how these huge social programs get set up and then increased under Republican leadership?)

This will take awhile to figure out. But for now, just be aware that help is on its way.


Article from Las Vegas SunĀ Congress may cap out of pocket drug costs