Sanders Decries Insurers

On the campaign trail in June, 2019, Bernie Sanders is giving it to the insurance companies but good. "People don't like insurance companies, they like their doctors and hospitals," Sanders was quoted as saying. On [...]

Medicare Advantage Soaring

Membership in Medicare Advantage plans continues to soar and is expected to increase by about 2 million members this year. Here's an excellent article from Kaiser Foundation that summarizes the pros and the cons of [...]

Medicare Advantage enters a new benefits era

Confused about Medicare Advantage? It's only about to get worse. Or better, depending on your perspective. Here's a really excellent article from New York Times that explains how Medicare Advantage plans will now be able, [...]

2018 Medicare costs

Here are relevant Medicare costs for 2018. Part A deductible: $1,340 per benefit period Part B deductible: $183 per year Part B coinsurance: You pay 20% after $183 deductible. NO CAP on your out of [...]

Should Medicare Cover Long Term Care?

Long term care can be expensive. In fact, it can be downright cost prohibitive. Insurance to cover the costs associated with long term care has always been in a state of flux due to inaccurate [...]

ACA Stabilization Rules Proposed

New rules have been proposed that would help stabilize the ACA markets. The proposed rules would shorten the regular sign-up period for individual health plans sold under the ACA to a month and a half [...]

Medicare for Everyone?

It finally happened. A member of Congress has introduced a Bill designed to expand Medicare to almost everyone. Rep. John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.) has introduced a Bill that would allow Medicare to provide comprehensive health [...]