2017 Medicare Costs

CMS has released new Medicare costs for 2017.

  • Part A deductible: $1,316 per benefit period
  • Part B deductible: $183 per year
  • Part B coinsurance: You pay 20% after $183 deductible. NO CAP on your out of pocket costs.
  • Part B premium: $134 (as low as $109 for people on Social Security)

The deductibles shown above are some of the “gaps” left by Medicare. More importantly, the 20% you have to pay after meeting your Part B deductible has NO CAP. For example, chemotherapy is covered under Part B, so if you incurred $100,000 in chemo costs, your 20% share would be a staggering $20,000!

These and most other “gap” items can be fully covered with the right Medicare Supplement insurance policy. For more information on Medicare Supplements, including personalized proposals tailored to your situation, please call our office at 702.546.6933.

For additional information on Medicare costs, visit Medicare.gov or call Medicare at 800-MEDICARE.